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Burglary resistant Bulletproof Electromagnetic
Armored, Certified Rooms And Panels
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Bank vault

The modular design, which is part of the Bunkerkit DNA, combines the strengths of a customised product and a mass manufacturing process. With Bunkerkit, you can optimise costs and reduce installation constraints while offering burglary resistance and ballistic performance levels that comply with European standards.

Being modular, the vault can be configured and reconfigured as required using reinforced panel partitions. Bunkerkit, which is covered by a fifteen-year guarantee and complies with European burglary resistance and ballistic standards, is particularly easy to install, irrespective of the constraints of the building.

Bunkerkit can be used to construct a reinforced secure technical chamber and contributes actively towards increasing the protection of ATM maintenance staff, bank staff and security guards.


Bunkerkit offers a high-performance solution for a reinforced modular chamber to protect ATM maintenance staff and CIT security staff.

Thanks to Bunkerkit, you can quickly install a secure technical chamber to

house ATMs and ensure the safety of bank staff and CIT security staff.

Bunkerkit can be used to install secure technical chambers made up of reinforced vertical partitions and steel ceiling and floor elements assembled to form a space that will resist all physical assaults and armed attacks.

Bunkerkit provides protection for staff supplying ATMs.

Bunkerkit improves the safety of staff around ATMs, in particular when the machines are being filled. Bunkerkit thus contributes towards the aim of increasing the safety of CIT security staff and ATM maintenance staff in accordance with the new French legislation applicable since 2015.

Bunkerkit offers both:

  • a high level of physical protection for the ATM
  • and a safe working environment for bank and ATM staff.

Patented and certified.

The first reinforced modular chamber on the market now has A2P certification.

Bunkerkit provides a security solution that is certified and complies with European standards:

  • Burglary resistance standard EN-1627-1630, classes 1 to 4;
  • Ballistic standard EN-1522-1523, classes FB1 to FB7 and AK47.

In 2017, Bunkerkit was granted A2P certification for performance levels RC3, RC4 and RC5 for its partitions in accordance with standard EN-1627-1630.

What does A2P certification involve?

A2P certification ensures inspection and ongoing assessment guaranteeing the conformity of the products fitted. A2P provides recognition of the performance and reliability of the product and a guarantee of quality recognised by security professionals.

A2P certification is granted after laboratory tests (in accordance with standard EN-1627-1630) and an audit of the manufacturing site.
The certification comes with periodic inspections: an annual audit of the manufacturing site and laboratory assessments of all modifications or variations.

Bunkerkit walls for secure technical chambers have received A2P certification issued by the CNPP laboratory for grades RC3, RC4 and RC5.

Bunkerkit Bank is CAMCA approved

The products in the Bunkerkit range are also approved by the CAMCA (Caisse d’Assurances Mutuelles du Crédit Agricole) and are included in the nomenclature published every year in the categories:

  • Walls, façades and prefabricated secure technical chambers;
  • Outdoor or indoor off-site bank kiosks and self-service bank units;

Reinforced modular chambers for banks.


Perfectly integrated into the layout of the bank, Bunkerkit can be concealed behind a neutral or marketing finish while still providing a high level of protection compliant with the relevant standards for the building.

The secure technical chamber is modular. It can be moved, reconfigured, resized, assembled and dismantled.

Mobile, secure counter and kiosk


Bunkerkit is the response to the need to install a permanent or temporary ATM in busy places: shopping centres, railway stations and airports, leisure parks, etc. So Bunkerkit provides a solution when a bank is being renovated or during short-term events and exhibitions.

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