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Bunkerkit Armored Gun Room – The safe solution for storing your weapons and ammunition

Discover Bunkerkit’s ultimate armored gun room: a safe, reliable and innovative solution for storing and protecting your weapons and ammunition. The armory is made up of modular armored panels that can be supplied with burglary-resistant, bullet-resistant and/or fire-resistant properties.

Our high-quality armories are designed with the latest security technologies to ensure maximum protection against theft, fire and other hazards. This article will tell you all about the unique features and benefits of our armored armories, and why they are the best choice for any gun owner looking for optimal security and peace of mind.

  1. Strong and durable construction: The armored gun room is made of modular steel plates and features a solid construction that can withstand even the most sophisticated intrusion attempts. The steel panels, reinforced doors and multi-point lock ensure that your weapons and valuables remain safe and protected from unauthorized access.
  2. Fire Resistant Design: Our armories can be equipped with fire resistant materials and insulation to protect your weapons and ammunition from fire damage. The fire-resistant gun rooms have been tested and certified to the highest standards, so you can rest assured that your weapons and valuables are protected in the event of a fire. The fire-resistant properties can be combined with burglary-resistant (RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5 or RC6) and bullet-resistant (FB3, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7 and AK47) properties.
  3. Advanced security technology: access to the armored gun room can be done with a key lock or with an access control of your choice (rfid badge, biometric, …). This allows you to safely store and manage your weapons and ammunition, while ensuring that unauthorized persons do not have access to your armory.
  4. Modular concept: the gun room is made up of modular panels that are not welded, but screwed together. This offers several advantages. The system is customizable to your specific needs and preferences, making it easy to customize your armory as your needs grow or change. When your gun store or department moves, the armory can be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere. Due to the modular design, the armory is also light enough to be mounted in existing rooms (also on floors) without the need for additional reinforcements. The armory can be mounted stand alone. It is not necessary to fix it to the walls, floor or ceiling, so that the armory can be placed without drilling or breaking.
  5. Ease of use and maintenance: The armored gun room is designed for ease of use and maintenance. The access control is easy to program and manage, and the armory is equipped with LED lighting so you can quickly and easily locate your weapons and ammunition.
  6. Stylish and discreet design: Our gun rooms are designed with a stylish and discreet appearance, so that they blend seamlessly into your interior without drawing unnecessary attention. You can choose from different finishes and colors to adapt your armory to your personal taste and the style of your home. The walls can of course be covered and finished as desired. As an arms dealer, you can make the Bunkerkit part of your arms shop in this way, while still being able to close it extremely safely outside opening hours.
  7. Customer Service and Warranty: When you purchase an armored gun room, you can count on excellent customer service and support. Our expert team is on hand to answer all your questions and help you choose the right armory for your needs. In addition, we offer an extensive warranty on our armories, so that you can invest in the safety of your weapons and valuables without any worries.
  8. Installation and Delivery: Our armored gun rooms are delivered and installed by a team of experienced professionals who will ensure that your armory is installed correctly and safely. As a result, you can be confident that your armory will provide optimal protection from the start.
  9. Peace of Mind: The ultimate armored gun room gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your weapons, ammunition and valuables are safe and protected from theft, fire and other hazards. Invest in the safety of your belongings and enjoy the security that our armories offer you.

The Bunkerkit armored gun room is the perfect solution for any government agency, arms dealer or private arms collector looking for optimal security and peace of mind. Our armories combine innovative technology, durable materials and stylish design to give you the best protection for your weapons and ammunition.

Bunkerkit is used by the police, defence, justice and customs in many countries worldwide.

Also use your armory to protect IT equipment and mobile phones

Did you know that as a government agency you can also protect computers and mobile phones? Have the gun room also equipped with EMC shielding. This is very useful for the police and judicial authorities for securing seized equipment of which you want to prevent data from being lost due to electromagnetic radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bunkerkit Gun Rooms

What is a Bunkerkit Gun Room?

A Bunkerkit armory or gun room is a modular, armored room specially designed for the safe storage of firearms, ammunition and other valuables. They are made of high quality materials and offer a high level of security against burglary and other threats.

How does Bunkerkit’s modular system work?

Bunkerkit’s modular system consists of panels that can be easily assembled and disassembled by means of bolts. This makes it possible to create a custom gun room to meet the specific security needs and space requirements of a site. The armory can move with you if necessary.

What are the security features of a Bunkerkit gun room?

Bunkerkit gun rooms are designed with various security features, such as armored walls, floors and ceilings, fire-resistant, burglary-resistant and/or bullet-resistant doors and security locks, with or without access control.

Are Bunkerkit gun rooms certified?

Yes, Bunkerkit gun rooms are certified according to European standards such as EN 1522/1523 (bullet resistant) and EN 1627-1630 (burglary resistant). They have been tested and approved by independent certification authorities to ensure they meet the required security levels.

Can I customize a Bunkerkit gun room to my specific needs?

Yes, Bunkerkit gun rooms are designed to be flexible and adaptable. The modular nature allows you to choose from different sizes, security levels and accessories to create the perfect armory for your situation.

Contact our expert team to customize your gun room or armory and enjoy the many benefits our Bunkerkit gun rooms have to offer.

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