Armored, certified rooms and panels
Burglary resistant - Bulletproof - Electromagnetic
Burglary resistant Bulletproof Electromagnetic
Armored, Certified Rooms And Panels
gepantserde lokalen, gepantserde wanden; kogelwerend, inbraakwerend

Reinforced partition

Bunkerkit walls are made up of reinforced vertical partitions of different sizes which can be assembled quickly and easily using bolts.

These reinforced partitions consist of various layers of electrogalvanised steel sheeting (treated to withstand corrosion) which ensure that the partition is impeccably sturdy. Several additional finishes are available.

Assembly of reinforced walls and partitions

On the basis of assembly plans and requirements established once studies have been carried out, the Bunkerkit is installed very quickly using bolts only. There is no longer any need to submit a fire permit application as no welding is involved.

The work on site is kept to a minimum and requires little labour as everything is prepared in the workshops: it will take two workers one day to assemble a standard 30 m² Bunkerkit!

Whatever the performance level required, the attachment points of the Bunkerkit reinforced partitions are always in the same position. As a result it is possible, for example, to combine bulletproof partitions with burglary resistant walls in the same enclosure.

Assembly using bolts makes it easier to modify the enclosure but also to replace or add an ATM automated teller machine).

Standard and customised manufacture of reinforced partitions

The standard elements are prefabricated using a mass production process and kept in stock in our workshops. This guarantees unbeatable delivery times: manufacturing takes just 2 to 7 days, depending on the level of finish requested.

Customised or ‘non-standard’ elements will be made if the site so requires, once the dossier has been studied.

Would you like your Bunkerkit to have a window or an ATM safe? Certified cuts can very easily be made in the reinforced walls and partitions in order to insert various accessories, in particular technical passageways.

Properties of bulletproof partitions

Standard widths: 60, 120, 200, 300 and 400 mm

The different panel widths are minimal to facilitate handling and make it possible to adjust the dimensions of the enclosure in line with your exact requirements.

Standard heights: 2,367 and 2,867 mm

The standard external height of 2,367 mm is recommended for storing and protecting goods. The 2,867 mm version is recommended for use as a working area: the law requires a minimum height of 2,500 mm for rooms occupied by staff.

Thickness: 60 mm

No matter what the level of certified resistance required, the thickness of the panel does not change (external dimension 60 mm). All that varies is the composition of the steel, depending on the performance levels to be attained.

Weight (level RC4): 60 kg/m²

The Bunkerkit is exceptionally light for a certified reinforced product. Compared with a brick solution with equivalent performance levels, the Bunkerkit is up to 80% lighter!

This means it can be installed virtually anywhere, without having to undertake major reinforcement work (underpinning). This light weight and the small size of the elements mean that Bunkerkit can also be easily installed in places that are difficult to access.

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