The certified, modular, armored panel

Bunkerkit: modularity at the service of your security

1. Concept

  • An armored steel panel
  • Assembled with bolts
  • For the construction of modular partitions and enclosures

2. Your uses

  • A flexible solution that can be adapted to your needs
  • For the protection of people and property
  • Endless combinations possible

3. Performances

  • Burglary-resistant, bulletproof, vault, etc.
  • Certified performances
  • Combined performances

The intrinsic performances of the Bunkerkit panel guarantee the security of people and property.

Burglary resistance

Standard EN1627-1630


Standard EN1522-1523
FB4 - FB5 - FB6 - FB7 - AK-47


Standard EN 1143-1


Faraday cage

Bunkerkit - Examples of commonly used applications

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