The certified reinforced modular panel

Bunkerkit: modularity at the service of your security



  • A reinforced steel panel
  • Assembled with bolts
  • For the construction of modular partitions and enclosures
Bunkerkit concept


Your uses

  • A flexible solution that can be adapted to your needs
  • For the protection of people and property
  • Endless combinations possible
The uses of Bunkerkit

About Bunkerkit

  • 2007Metal Quartz, manufacturer of steel high-security joinery, designs and develops an innovative solution to support the development of bank branches. The concept: to open up the branch to the public and centralise cash in a secure enclosure. Our R&D teams came up with Bunkerkit: a reinforced modular panel for the construction of secure partitions and enclosures.
    Since then, Bunkerkit has developed steadily, adapting to meet the specific needs of other sectors and other uses.
  • 2011To meet the need to protect political public figures, Bunkerkit complies with the ballistic standards (EN 1522-1523) and offers a panic room.
  • 2015To meet the particular requirements of a major player in the luxury sector, the Metal Quartz R&D team added new performance features to Bunkerkit, complying with the vault standard (EN 1143-1).
  • 2017Another performance feature is added to the Bunkerkit range: electromagnetic protection makes it possible to insulate the interactions between the inside and the outside of a Faraday cage.
  • 2017The Bunkerkit panels obtain A2P certification for their RC3, RC4 and RC5 performance levels in accordance with standard EN 1627-1630.
  • 2018A smooth finish on the inside wall becomes available as an option, also enabling improved thermal and acoustic insulation.

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